The New Boeing 737 Front Section Build Guide

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

This was a massive undertaking and has taken months to compile, create and publish. This digital file contains the Build Guide and Plans for:

Boeing 737 MIP Box Structure

Boeing 737MIP Panels

Boeing 737MIP Support Structure

Boeing 737Knee Panels

Boeing 737FMC console

Boeing 737Glarewings

Boeing 737Glareshield

Boeing 737Front Windows

This 384 page digital document has more detailed plans than on the website, a step by step guide for each build part, and hints and tips to help you in your build. It describes the changes from the real aircraft, and why they made. From new drawings, introducing all the build amendments and creating all the graphics.

This guide concentrates mainly the woodwork & 3d printing aspects of the cockpit build.

This digital file is now available in the 737DIYSIM shop. I really hope this helps and guides you along your sim build. These are my designs and plans and they have all been proven by my own build (Sim3). I will always update the files when somebody asks a question that is not in the document or may help others ,I will reissue the document to those who have already bought the guide.

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