The Pedestal Build has Started!

The new pedestal video is out (both on YouTube and the website video section) It took over 4 weeks in the making and is over 40 minutes long. This video documents the building of the 737 Pedestal structure so far and the first 6 radio panels.

I appreciate this video is very in-depth and will not suit everyone. But if your building your own 737 sim, this might be handy. It going to be very interesting for me to see how this video is taken, compared to my others and how it ranks.

I went through so many prototypes until I found a good and viable working solution. The next step after the 737 cockpit is complete will be to come back and revisit these panels and create PCB's which will make things very easy for people to follow along.

With that video complete, it's now time to pay the website some attention and get it up to date before i start filming again on more panel production.


A couple of people have asked if I have a Patreon account, I finally got around to creating one. If you fancy showing support for the videos and build, and I have switched off advertising for videos now:

Find the video here:

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