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The sim Goes for a test flight!

As you can guess from the title, the sim is now achieving test flights on an hourly basis. I have had some serious software and control issues. My RTX 2080 really doesn't like P3D. Despite buying true earth GB south, the sim still looks like 1980's graphics! Here's my first video of my flight down the Thames.

After a very successful test flight, I wanted better graphics and to be able to show off True-Earth GB south. But I'm not sure what's going on, I've seen better graphics on a 1980's machine.

What makes this next video very special, is the reaction of Tony and myself while flying down the Thames. Because your peripheral vision is fully surrounded, movement feels almost real. You can see both of us leaning the opposite way to maintain our centre of gravity. (Of course, it's just a complete illusion.

However, sit back like myself, and enjoy the first flight by a stranger who explains the sights of London and the Sim flies.

The best thing about other people flying your sim is there reactions and mine. I don't anything will compare today when Tony pulls back on the yoke and unit pulls out from the column and loss of control is initiated. Something I had not experienced, but now I know a locking screw is required. This is a proud day for me and the sim. It wasn't perfect, but it shows how the sim needs to develop and cover areas that I never thought of.