Trim Wheel -Small Printer Mod (SPM)

Hello, fellow sim builders!

I awoke this morning to a post on the Forum asking about an SPM for the MTU trim wheels. I had forgotten about this in all honesty and it was something I meant to achieve a long time ago. After warming up the brain I have come up with this solution:

Boeing 737 3D printed Trim Wheel (SPM)
737 3D printed Trim Wheel (SPM)

The wheel is now split into 5 parts, which all slot together and is held by various screws. I have allowed a 0.2mm gap between all parts to aid in ease of fitment. I hope this helps some of you out with the smaller printers such as the Ender3.

I have added these extra files to the download mod in the shop. If you have already purchased this SPM (small printer mod) then please click here to download the files:

or if you would like to purchase the mod, it can be found here:

The build and parts guide has been updated to reflect this addition and can be found here:

Kind regards, Karl

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