Hello, fellow Simmers and friends. Its been a really busy week! Both at work and on the sim. As you may know, our Bell212 Helicopter had to make an emergency landing in the deepest darkest jungle of Borneo. It was such a blast!

Back home I have completely redone the designs and guides for the lower sidewalls and front sections. There shouldn't be any dimension changes, but the plans are hopefully much easier to understand. Any questions that been asked since their upload, I have added the answers into guides. The other big difference is that I have also added layout plans to the drawings as you follow them. Hopefully, this will also help how the components are put together.

The other big thing I have been working on is the designs you have been requesting. Mainly the MCP knobs and the dimmer panel knobs. I am really pleased with the knobs on the MCP as I have just finished fitting them. I think in the 3 days they have been live, we have had 3 different design changes, all for the better.

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