Version 5 Starter Switch now Available

A 3d printable 737 starter switch with auto return feature and locking centre position.
737 - 3D Printable Starter Switch

Its been a couple of months since the starter switch was published. In that time I have upgraded the design in several ways:

The upper body thread has been added. This always puzzled me why fusion didn't supply the correct thread in my drop-down boxes. Simply, it was user error and the thread on the rotary switches is imperial. After printing a test sample, the nut finally works how it should!

737DIYSIM adds the correct threaded section to the upper body.
737 Starter switch Update, new threaded section

This was very pleasing and the first time I actually printed an external thread. The problem then came when I tightened the unit and the section sheared, back to the drawing board! I then increased the base diameter and support structure to the threaded section to correct the issue.

Next up was the modification to the actuator shaft. I have increased the diameter to prevent that shearing. I also suggested printing with at least 80% infill for this part, but I found 100% to be much more effective.

For Patreons and previous simmers who already have this design, just redownload the design to your computer and the new modifications will be there.

If you would like the new documents, build guide and dedicated STL files, please drop me a message with your order number and I will email you the files directly.

Kind Regards

Karl & Helen

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