We are experiencing technical difficulties

Both the website and Karl are suffering a little hiccup right now. Karl has gone man down with chronic back pain. This apparently appears to have limited his skills to lifting a can of Tiger Beer!

The Website hosted by Wix has declared we have maxed out there 100 webpage limit! Boo.......!

Currently hitting the website harder with a hammer to see if that fixes it!

This has led me down the rabbit hole of learning dynamic page creation. Of course, it's not as simple as slapping few images together, but rather spending many hours of trial and error to create one webpage that can access a database to create many more pages. Im getting there, but in the meantime, the guides are not working! Sorry guys, bear with us! I thought I'd start here, as this is where the majority of the extra webpages are coming from for the foreseeable future.

As soon as I find a hammer big enough, I will report back when I have beaten it into submission and all is working! This will be a rolling change with each section of the website I'm afraid.

Kind regards

Helen & Karl

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