We have metal Gears!

Hi Guys, If you have been following along, the last video showed the complete build and working roll channel of the dual controls with 3d printed gears. After this video came out and various Instagram photos of the build, Tony (a rather enterprising guy) got in touch and offered me metal versions of the gears that he purchased for a project some time ago from China, but never used. Unbelievably they are almost identical!

3d printed gears vs metal gears for 737 controls
From 3d to metal bevel gears! 1.5M x 30T x 16mm Bore

Last night saw me trial the new gears in the yoke head assemblies. They fit perfectly, but the adapter shafts will need reprinting if you decide to take this route. This removes the square shaft from the ends of the adapters to the 16mm round bore. Here is how the trial looks:

Boeing 737 Yoke elbow - 3d printed
Changing from 3d Printed gears to Metal Gears

If you want to switch to these gears, from the trials they seem to offer:

  1. Much smoother operation

  2. Longer Lasting

  3. Easily available if your anywhere but here

  4. Cheap

  5. Add mass to the control head, for a great feeling.

You can get the gears here:

You will need 8!

The specs are: 1.5 Module, 30T & 16mm bore

I found these on eBay for around £8.00 each. 1/4 of the price I paid for them here. Of course, this really increases the price, so when I release the design. It will have both options included, 3d printed route and the metal gear route. After all, if the 3d printed gears do wear, you can always just repeat the print.

I'll leave you with this final picture today of my dual controls right now (back to the start lol):

Build, Strip & Repeat!

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