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We have warm white lighting - sort of!

Hello from the Sim! 4 weeks after I fitted all the cockpit with 12v cold white led back-lighting, the warm white have just arrived in today's post. Rushed home from work and took down the forward overhead panel. Ripped off all the LED strips and started to fit the warm white ones.

Karl from 737DIYSIM soldering the 12v LED strip lighting
737DIYSIM Re-Wiring the Boeing 737 Forward overhead back-lighting panel

This took about an hour to re-solder all the connections and hot glue the strips into place for some added security. A quick bench power on test to see what they look like:

Boeing 737 forward overhead panel backlighting, warm white
Karl from 737DIYSIM changes from cold to warm white backlighting

So what do you reckon? Personally i'm a little disappointed. I was hoping for the bright warm glow like our Christmas tree lights. Its an improvement for sure, but its not quite what I was after. A few moment later the back panel was refitted to the sim and here's the final product for today. You can see the difference between the panels of warm and cold white. What do you reckon?