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Website Updates

Starting out building a sim is not only a huge investment in money and time, but also a huge learning curve. I have had to learn how to use Fusion 360, Adobe Premiere and CNC Mach 3 in the last few years. Then I decided to add a website where as much useful data could be held and displayed to go along with my build.

Starting a website is fun! and is very interactive. However, its a never ending pit of time consumption. You design a page, and your very happy with it. But as time goes on and skills increase. You realise that your once proud website page, looks like a 5 year old design it. Even when I think it looks a little more professional, I spend hours tweaking colours, fonts and images.

Then somebody comes along and mentions Google SEO. Whats that? (It's certainly what I asked!) So any noob can create a web-page with ease, especially if your like me and use Wix. However, you then need to follow certain rules and enter certain data for google to rank and display your data in its search engine. Pretty essential if you want people to see your stuff.

I like many others follow various cockpit building pages on social media, and I see so many questions like, "where can I get the plans or dimensions for Boeing 737?" That tells me I need to sort my website out and get found easier on google.

This leads me to another funny point. Ever tried to google yourself (737DIYSIM). Its funny what Google actually lists. I say this in a way as a total noob. Last night I sat at the computer and did this very thing. Trying to find images of my 737 MIP was virtually impossible. But i did come across this spectacular cloud labelled as 737DIYSIM MIP! It had registered the background picture and not the MIP picture. Humpf!

So several more hours lost in YouTube on how to website lol. So this is where I have written a page of text, simply to ask those that visit to send me a message or chat message if you see something wrong on the website such as spelling mistakes, broken links and more importantly crap looking pages or any ideas you might have as you browse through the site.

As always, Kind Regards Karl.