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Why do 737DIYSIM plans differ from the real Boeing 737?

If you have visited my website before, you probably realise I am on a very limited budget. Most of people I speak to and visit are also on a very small budget. My plans have been adjusted from the real aircraft, not only to make things simpler if possible, but to allow cheaper alternatives to be used. They are not millimeter perfect! For that I would need an actual 737.

However, despite there being the odd measurement that is off by a few millimeters, there are now two intentional design changes that I made for cost purposes and to allow others the same benefit. These are not mistakes, despite them be pointed out to me and other builders of my plans.

These difference are all based around the monitors. The MIP base was changed to accommodate various screen size, so your not limited by just one screen size, below is how the design was changed in the MIP:

why is 737DIYSIM plans different from the real aircraft
737DIYSIM plan differences

The next major change which gets highlighted is the FMC Console, Once again this design change was carried out to allow multiple sizes of monitors to be used instead of the very costly 10" monitor: