Hello all,

I have been reviewing comments on many Facebook posts over my designs and guides. Let me start by saying this obsession started all from the plans from www.markuspilot.com. Many people seem very upset and want to point out the fact you can download the files for free right here on this website. This is very very true! You yourself and Mark probably have no idea how many times I double-checked my own dimensions with his. This website is an absolute must for anyone building the 737 sim! These are the base foundations for any sim builder!

I can not tell you how important these plans were to the original sim community and if you have not previewed these check them out now. I am certainly not trying to hide this fact and encourage you to do so.

I want you all to know, over the 6 years I have been building the 737 Sim cockpit, people like myself come along and invest time and effort to get there sim to a standard that is achievable to them. Over these years I have been very fortunate to have so many friends working on the 737 they could slap a ruler on any part and take a photo!

I myself have now created 3 different versions of the 737 cockpits and had not realised the importance of CAD design until version 3. Fusion360 came along at the right time and I realised if it doesn't fit in CAD, it won't fit in real life.

The difference between my designs and most others is that I have a whole 737 cockpit designed in CAD on fusion 360 down to the smallest 2mm screw. This means that I know and have tested most parts. These components will fit exactly and perfectly together. Each panel is designed and where each component should fit. This is no boast and there are certainly still errors. But as more people build, the design progresses even more.

There will always be free versions of all my plans found here:


This is so, 8-year-old Joe Bloggs with no money can at least get involved. However, there is the next level of CAD design offered by fusion360 which allows detailed and precise plans to be produced by the designs you create. These are millimetre perfect and every angle exact.

I want to state here, this is not a money-making exercise for us here. It's truly my hobby and I want to help as many of you as I can. So what do we get from you buying the plans?

1) Morale and a thank you to keep going!

2) PLA/ABS to produce the countless parts it takes to create a viable working solution that you can all use.

3) It helps to pay for annual website costs

4) Any excess goes straight back into development and the cost of fusion360 (commercial) which, ultimately has allowed us all to create these parts.

In summary, I think what I'm trying to say here guys (looking for some profound statement) "is do your research, and find out what is best for you!" If you are happy with the oracles (Markuspilot) designs stick with them! I did for sim one!" (Juan Cordon and Build a Boeing are two others).

But if you need a little more detail, where hopefully this website comes in. If you need dedicated plans, build files or CNC/3d Print files, they can be found in the webshop. Still not happy with having to pay a pound for this, or two pounds for that? You might want to consider taking the blueprints and plans and create the design in fusion360 yourself?

Currently, I have no objection to any person building any component from my plans and selling them as a finished project. There are now international builders/Companies, especially from the USA, UK and China competing to produce these parts in mass. This will really benefit from lowering the overall cost of purchasing these parts as a completed product.

Cheers guys, Sim out!

(I really hope this sets the record straight, let me know your views?)

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