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Yiran from China

It is my greatest privilege to meet you guys via text, social media and other various platforms. Every now and then, somebody comes along that deserves a mention. Let me introduce Yiran from China. We chat via WhatsApp, and he's nothing but the most courteous and most ingenious guy I know.

He builds my parts, tests them to destruction, films it and sends the video to me. He's constantly trying to find solutions to make them better and offers advice, almost daily if not weekly. It's like having your own test lab facility, and I'm just a guy sat on a computer playing with Fusion.

Here is the same part in a different material:

This next photo shows you what I would call perfect good looking SLA (resin) prints! For Yiran, despite the cost of producing these, it's time to see where they fail. It seems PLA SLA has some issues and is not as strong as filament at this point. Not that I throw my Yoke filament prints on the floor to test them. I'm more or a guy test it as i would use it, and then adjust if it breaks.

If it's finding design flaws or finding better materials, his results are outstanding. I have no idea if this is a future commercial venture, but the effort and machines he has at his disposal are immense. It makes my puny resin printer look tiny! Look at this Yoke head, how gorgeous is that SLA print? (before he takes a sledgehammer to it

I think if Yiran does go on to mass-produce these parts, it's going to be safe to say...they are going to be good. (perhaps some might say.......better than my originals!)