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This was a massive undertaking, basically converting an aluminium structure of the 737 and designing every part so it can be made at home, mainly from perspex and MDF (wood/timber). You can measure, create plans from the parts to make them at your pace. Need a measurement or angle, it's all there. As the designs get updated, you will have access to all the latest amendments and further detailed parts to help you build your own sim. Please feel free to adapt or improve as you require. The Sim has been created to be modular and to come apart in sections that will fit through a UK house door. This now includes the mobile floor structure & Rear bulkhead assy.

This includes my detailed drawings to build my motorised throttle quadrant (v1 - servo powered)

The complete MIP assembly with every electrical component, including the monitors

The Window layouts, angles, dimensions.

The quarter sill with a 20-degree inward slant

Components that are a replica Moch up at the correct size, but have not been designed yet:

  1. Seats
  2. Dual yokes (currently under way as the next project)

This is a huge file containing items from huge floor panels down to 2mm screws and 6mm tactile switches.



This is the whole cockpit! You do not need to purchase any other CAD files. You will receive free future updates as they become available. All CAD designs are included here except the following:


737 3d Print Throttle Models. (The final full motorised throttle assy will be included in the design once finished and tested)


This is only the CAD design files for the whole cockpit, and does NOT include the drawings or guides.


737 Complete Cockpit CAD Design

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