This Design is for a DUAL 737 Yoke Control Head. It is designed to act as a 90degree gearbox at 1:1 ratio. The gears in the design are 3d printed and work fine when printed at 100% infill in either PLA or ABS. If you prefer metal gears the links are provided, but the design will need adjusting. The control head is designed to fit into a 80mm OD PVC pipe. The internal shaft adapter is 19.2mm. Both these parts will require adjusting if you find different components of different sizes.


I will also add a 3rd option yoke that I will adjust to meet and redesign with your obtained parts:

  • The lower Output shaft
  • The adapter shafts to suit your bevel gears
  • The PVC pipe diameter


This unit fits on a standard print bed of 220 x 220mm.


This unit can be completely 3d printed (less hardware) or you can use metal gears if they are available to you..


This design is fully working which is why I am releasing this part before the whole system is operational. If you would like to help or get started printing the head, this is where you can find the Fusion design and dedicated STL files.


The Build and parts guide can be found here:


Once the rest of the design is completed, I will deduct this from the final cost, and discount the final finished design if you wish to get started now. 



737 Dual Yoke Control Head


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