The new Premium release of the 737 sidewall plans(50 pages). These are my most accurate plans and shown in Episodes 15 & 18 on my Youtube Channel. These include the 20-degree inboard tilt of the sills and the 5-degree inboard tilt of the upper panels to allow the shape to conform to the round aircraft fuselage. The newly designed shape allows the correct connection of the sidewalls to the MIP like the real aircraft. 


These plans are very detailed with a step by step build guide. They show the tools used and the cost to produce them (at the time of creation in Brunei). 


19/02/2020: With nearly two years and hundreds of builders completing the plans, I have now updated and adjusted to make things simpler and easier to understand. All the questions i have been asked have been included in the plans to make it simpler for evereyone. 


Please Note, The sill design is not included in these plans, it's part of the Side Windows. 



737 Sidewall v3 Plans & Guide

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