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Here you will find my design as seen on my website and YouTube channel for the 737 Starter Switch.

The unit features an auto return solenoid, push to turn to GRD & no interference when turning the unit clockwise. The part also comes complete with the build guide, parts list and wiring diagram. 


The rotary switch can be found here:


This design now includes a second modification for those who want the unit to lock both ways. So you must push the switch in to turn in clockwise and anticlcokwise from centre. 


This CAD design can be adapted to suit your sim needs. The design can be improved or be inspected within fusion. It was originally designed to replace the standard rotary switch, the upper body has the same dimensions.


3d prints of the components are selected by right-clicking the component you wish to print and save as STL.


For those using X-plane, Jock Munro has supplied the Lua script. Please see: for dowload

737 Starter Switch, 3d Printable


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