The Boeing 737 Dual Controls are finally finished with the release of the Pitch Lane. This took around 8 weeks to design, prototype and test and the end result is something that Karl is very happy with. The majority of the design is created from 3D printed parts designed to fit on the Ender 3 print bed.

There are some control rods which need to be cut from mild steel. No special tools are required. A hacksaw and drill are the minimum tools you need for these. Lots of bearings are used to create smooth operation and to help distribute the loads into the plastic parts. For this design, I would highly recommend ABS prints due to some parts having control loads up to 200LBS. That said, my prototyping was all done with PLA at 25% infill and no part has failed yet.


The design with the actuator is capable of:


  1. Force feel
  2. Self Centering
  3. Autopilot Movement


The design can also be used without the actuator, utilising just the centring mechanism. You will need various hardware with is listed on the build guide:


The control columns are designed to 7.6 degrees forward of the vertical in the neutral position, with 12.7 degrees movement both ways from neutral. 


The downloaded file also includes the floor dimension plans and the dimensions for the pitch control rods.


Good Luck with the build, and send us a photo or two of your builds,


Best Wishes


Helen & Karl



Boeing 737 Dual Controls - Pitch Lane


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