This design has been a love/hate relationship! The idea of printing a fully operational Boeing 737 EFIS has been playing on my mind for months. This is actually version 4. Version 3 you will never see as I wasn't happy with the operation and only came to this conclusion as I was filming the build. This version is even simpler and easier to create. The only downside at the moment is the lack of PCB's. But as you will see in an upcoming video, I manage to wire this easily.


The whole unit is 3d printed apart from a few components and hardware. All the push buttons on the knobs operate correctly and the lower pushbuttons for the CTR & TFC will remain in the correct position as the knob is rotated around them.


The buttons and the faceplate come in three versions:


1) Embossed/Raised text for easy painting

2) Embossed/Raised text for Pause printing or filament change

3) Engraved for Backlighting which also requires filament change/pause printing.


The face panel and buttons are interchangeable from the laser engraved panels available from them for that truly professional finish. This gives the home builder plenty of choice in the route they wish to take.


Printing the base of the faceplate and buttons in white Pla at 20% with a 0.2mm nozzle then switching to black or grey PLA for the final layers allows full backlighting of the 3d printed panel. 


The buttons have also been modified from 3 or 4 letters down to 2. These allow for perfect text printing for backlighting. But come at the cost of moving away from the general aesthetics of the real aircraft. However, there are two other sets included for your choice.


The end results are pretty impressive for a fully 3d printed panel. Have a go and let us know what you think.


The Build/Parts Guide can be found here:


The build guide is been updated as we speak!


Enjoy Guys, & Kind regards from 737DIYSIM


Boeing 737 EFIS - 3d Printed Design


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