This purchase is for the SINGLE 737 Control Column Mechanism


This design features:

  • Self-centring
  • Force feel set by spring pressure
  • Working trim and Pitch autopilot when coupled electrically to the 12v Linear actuator
  • Simple design
  • No complicated hardware
  • Almost completely can be created on a 3d Printed


The design is tested and works fine using an 0.8mm nozzle at 25% infill.  If you need more strength, you can always increase the infill or print in ABS. All the mating parts are mounted on bearings to reduce wear and provide an amazingly smooth operation. The column is designed to fit into an 80mm/82mm (3") OD PVC pipe. 


These units are designed to fit on a standard print bed of 220 x 220mm. This unit can be completely 3d printed (less hardware) 


The Build and parts guide can be found here:


This design will be removed after 1 month, and the design replaced by the whole complete system at an increased purchase rate. This will give those that have pre-purchased the Yoke and Control head time to purchase this unit before removing the 3 separate parts for a single unit.


This Purchase does not include the YOKE or Single Yoke Control Head!



Boeing 737 Single Control Column Base Unit


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