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This design was created especially for MSFS2020 but will work on other platforms. It's taken 29 weeks to produce this kind of model. The whole assembly now has mounting for all the dedicated parts which helps secure the wiring and produce a much neater result. It's based around the Cheap 10.4" LCD display available from eBay. You will need the Propsimwash Dual encoders or the alternative EC11 dual encoders (Around 8-12 Euros each). This is a very simple and genuine looking 3d printed design. I have tried to match every contour and recess of the real unit. Please check out the final build photos. The text is raised at the moment to allow true liteflow performance (backlighting). 

The parts can be printed on an Ender 3 bed which requires the 220mm x 220mm bed size. 

This design includes:

1) Both the standard version (non-auto pilot) and NXI version with the additional 12 AP buttons.

2) Only the STL files. If you require the CAD version, it's in the CAD section of the shop. 

3) Resin printing the parts will create almost perfect looking parts, but this is not essential.

4) Filament printing, some of the 2mmm text may not print on a filament printer. 

5) Please refer to Mobiflight forum/Discord for the programme coding if you are not confident.

6) The wiring diagram will follow shortly

7) The resin print version will follow shortly (they are not compatible!)


If you have any issues, I will open a separate forum section for the build to log and help all others along the way. Kind Regards Karl


The Build guide can be found here:


Please Note: The Garmin name has been removed from the design.

G1000 & G1000 NXI STL ONLY

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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