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Boeing 737 Dual Control Column, Roll Channel - All Plastic Version

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

Print Guide

Build Guide

The ultimate printer I can recommend is the Bambu Labs X1 carbon with AMS or P1P if you have deep pockets. ($1200). It's a massive leap forward in 3D printing, with excellent quality and impressive speeds. It's pretty much press print and go as the software and hardware do the calibration before each print. 

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Let me introduce you to my Boeing 737 Dual Yoke roll channel fully 3d printed system. It works, it's tested, and I love it!

I'll state right now, I have no idea how long these gears will last, but they are so strong due to their size. Smoother operation is achieved by using a finer nozzle. 0.4mm max at 100 % infill. This takes time and is a pain in the bum. Just remember if you fly for a few months constantly and they wear out, reprint the part. The tighter the gears, the less play in the system. This is critical.

This was the first version before the metal version was released. The later metal version has adjustable parts so the fusion design does not need adjusting. 90% of the parts are not interchangeable between the two designs.

This design requires a print size of 220mm x 220mm.

General Information:

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Build Guide

Build Guide
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