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Boeing 737 Dual Control Column, Roll Channel - Metal Gear, adjustable Version.

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

Print Guide

Build Guide

The ultimate printer I can recommend is the Bambu Labs X1 carbon with AMS or P1P if you have deep pockets. ($1200). It's a massive leap forward in 3D printing, with excellent quality and impressive speeds. It's pretty much press print and go as the software and hardware do the calibration before each print. 

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Let me introduce you to my updated Boeing 737 Dual Yoke roll channel. This time the 3d printed gears are replaced with cheap readily available metal gears and the design is mechanically adjustable. This simplifies the build and reduces the need to change anything in Fusion 360.

This design utilises 3d printed parts and metal gears to improve the build quality. As seen on my YouTube channel, It works really well and now includes the modification to stop the yokes from turning past 90 degrees.

The tighter the gears, the less play in the system. This is critical.

The parts are 90% redesigned from the full plastic version and are not interchangeable. In this design, I tried to make the design mechanically adjustable so the CAD design does need to be adjusted making things simpler.

This design requires a print size of 220mm x 220mm.

General Information:

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Build Guide

Build Guide
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