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Boeing 737 MAX Throttle Quadrant

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

Print Guide

Build Guide

Our 3D Printer of choice right now is the CREALITY CR10 v3

Great print & build quality for the price, Silent and Has a bigger Print bed of 300 x300mm. Karl personally recommends it for his sim build.

Karl's Second cheaper choice is the CREALITY ENDER 3 v2. Smaller printer bed of 220 x220mm. But performs excellently and has a purchase price of around $200.

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THIS IS A PROTOTYPE! You will need fusion360 or a CAD programme to access this file! There are no instructions or parts list. You need to be able to use fusion to get these details!

I am putting this out there now because so many people are asking for it. The design is complete with all parts and electronic items, but I have only partially built this unit and test certain parts of the build. If you would like to download this and help me with feedback, that would be greatly appreciated. Because this is a single user requested item, it is more expensive than the standard 737 unit. However, as a (Kickstarter) Prototype, you will be entitled to all modifications, guides and instructions free for this project. Please accept that the price will rise after the video and build guide is published and incorporated into the file.

This file is one of my simplest designs ever!

Happy Building Guys!


General Information:

Parts Guide:

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You are going to need the following items to complete this build:

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Print Guide

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Build Guide

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