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The programming of Mobiflight and Prosim is very simple using FSUIPC. I use FSUIPC 8 Bit Unsigned for switches /Buttons and Leds. In the Arduino test build with have 3 LED’s at Pins 49, 51 & 53.



Select the Combined Config tab.

Here are where you find all the items that can be programmed.


Scroll Down to Landing Gear,

Select the arrow next to landing gear,

Select indicator arrow




The free Offset range for home use is:


Another Offset range for 3rd party software use is:


And finally don't forget to check the FSUIPC documentation for standard offset source settings.


Scroll down to: Gear Left:

Select: FSUIPC 8 bit U

Enter the code: 66C0.0 (Hex address 66C0, bit 0)


Scroll down to: Gear Nose:

Select: FSUIPC 8 bit U

Enter the code: 66C0.1 (Hex address 66C0, bit 1)


Scroll down to: Gear Right

Select FSUIPC 8 bit U

Enter the code: 66C0.2 (Hex address 66C0, bit 2)

Push ok.

Over to Mobiflight:

Ensure the Arduino is connected. Open Mobiflight,


Select the extras tab:

Select settings, Mobiflight Modules

Select add device,

Select Led/Output,

Select pin 49,

Now Click Upload

Add two more Led Devices at pins 51 & 53, Name the outputs as required.

Add two more Led Devices at pins 51 & 53, Name the outputs as required.

Upload and click ok.

Double click in the Output Description Box

Enter the name of the LED to configure (anything):

Click on Edit at the end of the Line:
Ensure size in Bytes is: 1
Value Type is: Int
Select the dotted box next to mask with value:

This brings up the Bit Selection Box,
Deselect all, but the required bit for the LED as stated in Prosim.

In this Case for Landing Gear Left Led its bit 0.

 Click the Display Tab:
Select the Arduino Board
Select Use type of: PIN
Select your output from the list:
Select Test: Your LED should Light up.


Click OK,
On the Main Screen, Click Active check box.

Then Hit Run.
Repeat the above steps to add more LED Outputs.


Now what is displaying in Prosim, is now displaying in Mobiflight, and your LEDS.

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