$38 737 MCP BUILD

PMDG 737 & MobiFlight

-By Paul Moss

Programming Tutorial for PMDG 737 & Mobiflight using Ardunio Mega

To enable the data communication output from the PMDG aircraft, you will need to open the file 737NGX_Options.ini (located in the P3d folder or FSX folder PMDG\PMDG 737 NGX, and add the following lines to the end of the file:



My build sequence is concentrating on buttons and LED's first. Arduino Mega pin numbers can be 2 to 53 (You cannot use the analog pins A1 to A14 etc). 

Please see the documents below for all the PMDG offsets/Event ID's and values. Just read off the data and enter into the relevant Mobiflight Boxes. The pin numbers will differ depending on how you wired your components to the arduino, however the values will remain the same.

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Before we can get started using PMDG 737, we need to accomplish a few things:

  • Purchase a licensed copy of FSUIPC 5 

  • Enable PMDG to broadscast the FSUPIC data via the 737NGX_Options.ini File

  • Obtain the PMDG Offsets and Event Id's



Prgramming Data Sheets


When programming in mobiflight software. You need 2 PDF documents; one located in modules folder of  FSUIPC (offsets), and the other in PMDG folder needed for  EVENT Id's.

The files are :


  • Offset Mapping for PMDG 737NGX.pdf

  •  PMDG_737NGX_EVENT_IDs_SP1d.pdf


Remember OFFSETS for LED's/Outputs


EVENTS for Switches/Inputs.

737 $38 DIY MCP Back View.PNG

This article explains how to get your DIY MCP programmed with PMDG 737 & Mobiflight.


If your reading this article, like many others. You have produced your first cheap 737MCP. Despite myself having Prosim, I get hundreds of requests on how to programme PMDG 737.


Paul Moss got in touch about a month ago, and after chatting we kept in touch. I answered as many questions as I could to help paul along. Despite me going through the same process nearly 5 years ago, I could remember little. I will let Paul take the lead on this one and explain the process.

UPDATE: 21 JAN 2020 

We have just noticed that the Encoder data is missing, I will ask Paul for an update.

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