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3D Printed Glarewings - New release!

Hello from Cornwall, UK.

After finishing prototyping the new V7 Boeing 737 Glarewings, they are now available in the shop in 2 versions, STL and STL with CAD.

Boeinf 737 Glarewings, Glare wing 737
Boeing 737 Glare wings - 3D printed

These just went flawlessly from design to production. The compound curves do make these units flow and look gorgeous.

This time I managed to fit the underlighting cutouts in and adjusted the angle, so they shine directly on the MIP below.

Each Glarewing is constructed from 8 parts to make one unit. Designed with slot together functions and to be hollow to reduce weight and PLA usage. I also printed the prototypes without support. If any sagging happened, it would be internal and not seen.

Each unit was printed on the CR10 with a 300 x 300mm bed size. After loading the design into Cura, it appears that it will fit on the Ender 3 bed of 220 x 220mm. But I have not personally tried this.

At the base of each unit are mounting holes for 8mm bolts to help hold these units secure. Once printed and built, these produce a solid and rigid unit weighing 1.8kg each. I used Amazon basics PLA black for this project.

If you have any feedback, please let me know. This is going to make the v4 sim look great from the start!

Kind Regards, Karl

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Jan van Grafhorst
Jan van Grafhorst
Jun 06, 2022

Hi Karl, are these compatible with the complete package i bought on you‘re website?


Unknown member
Jun 06, 2022

Hey Karl. Almost finished printing my captain side. Have you done the warning panel insert yet?

Replying to

Hey Brad do you show 2 of every number of file? Mine only shows 1 of the #2 files I just show one mirror and not A “non mirror”. I believe his insert is listed in files already with plans. But I don’t know if those fit these glarewings. Might want to wait for him to reply!

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