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APACHE AH64 Throttle Panel is out now!

This panel was highly requested by so many old friends that work on or fly the Apache. I wasn't keen on starting a side project while the 737SS was incomplete. I downloaded DCS to get the virtual cockpit and look around. It's been over 14 years since I touched the aircraft, and even though I have many fond memories, my memory doesn't quite remember all the aspects of the cockpit.

During my lunch break at work, I put pen to paper (actually mouse to CAD) and started. Once I set off, I became obsessed, and it took a total of 48 hours to sat on the computer designing before v1 was created and ready for a test print. A further 5 versions later, we have what I think is a sexy-looking panel with excellent operational mechanics!

I can actually say, "Built for Apache fans by an Ex-Apache Engineer".

The unit can be entirely 3D printed, including the faceplate, but laser-etched panels can be purchased from the webshop for those wishing to have operational backlighting and high-quality text.

The panel has the following working features: *Two operational throttle levers with detent operation *Two trigger release mechanisms to prevent accidental operation/Shutdown. *Working friction lever *APU push Korry indicator with protection flap *Working Master power knob (no key) *Throttle sensor position uses two high-quality hall sensors for accurate position location and no dead zone. *Case for desktop operation. This panel can be printed on an Ender3 size print bed. 220 x 220mm.

As usual, I have created two versions for the webshop:

  • A much cheaper 3D print-only package

  • A more expensive 3D print and CAD package

The downloads can be found here:

The build and parts guide can be found here:

My next job is off to film the build video, I will catch up with you all then! Kind regards, Karl

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