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Let's Go BIG!

Hello, all you fantastic people!

As the site has grown exponentially! I am now struggling in every aspect. What started with a few emails now and then has cascaded to hundreds a day. I hope you all understand that we (Myself, Helen and my two children, Josh & Chloe) do our utmost to help all.

But this is turning from a hobby to a full-time job on top of my full-time job. So let me take you back a few days when rumours started to appear on our Patreon Whatsapp group that WhatsApp wasn't making the cut and Discord would be a much better solution.

Being slightly old and infirm, I couldn't add this huge task to my already hectic lifestyle. I already use the Mofiflight discord but turned it off after 3 minutes because the beeps of new messages were more than I could handle. (The guys have taught me how to fix this!) So I thought, why not? Let's give it a go! Instead of being piled up with even more work, I found four individuals that stepped up to the challenge and have now set up the discord server and helped run it.

It was supposed to be for Patreons only, But it has quickly become apparent that this is the way ahead. You now have so many sim builders that can answer questions and show how they achieved the goal that this has become an essential part of the 737DIYSIM website.

Seeing others build my projects, share photos, and give genuine feedback is fantastic. This can only make things better! Having all this shared knowledge, I can already see that this will reduce my workload, as it's the same questions I get asked repeatedly!

I mean, who really reads the FAQ's! Lol. (And do understand that!)

For all my Patreons, We still have that secret discord group that only we can access, so please don't worry that you are losing anything! Our moderators tell me that it's all in hand! (shhh!...It's a secret!)

But for everyone else, If you would like to join us and get answers from a community rather than an old man struggling to type, please click the link:

Kind regards, Karl & Family!

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1 commentaire

Rick Estabrook
Rick Estabrook
15 mars 2023

Congratulations and the decision to go this route solo. You are an amazing, unique talent in this sector. Fair winds.

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