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Things Just Got Real!

It's the 24th of May 2022 as I write this in Sim's new home in Cornwall, UK. I want to report that we finally have internet after almost a month, and it's fast! We have gone from 0.5MB to 130MB download speed. This newfound speed has changed everything already! Fusion 360 operates instantly, and I no longer have to wait every 5 minutes for 15 minutes to autosave. It was driving me mad, even in Brunei. The file sizes I work with these days are enormous, as you can probably imagine.

With this new internet speed came one of my most complex shape designs ever created, and it took less than a day to design! Check out the new 3D printed Glarewings (V7):

Before we get to the final design, let me take you back to the very first days of my MIP in 2015. I had to carve each section of the Glarewings out of 18mm MDF. This method was time-consuming, but the final product looked perfect due to the smooth contours easily achieved while sanding MDF. In 2015/16, a few members decided to print the Glare wings, and I thought they were mad! If I remember right, Chris Meyer was the first to achieve this, and they looked stunning. But even to this day, I can only imagine the amount of time and amount of PLA used.