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Well, I didn't expect it to end like that!

Get ready for a sob story, for I am about to indulge some facts that not only make me wince but could make a grown man cry. I think its common knowledge that most people know that our time here in the beautiful country of Brunei is coming to an end. Due to ageing aircraft, and parts that are hard to get hold of, the British Army decided not to continue with the mighty 212 helicopter. An unfortunate time for all! This is also the end of the 7 Flight AAC or 667 SQN as it's known now.

After three months of job hunting, we accepted a Job in Newquay, Cornwall. I have never been so excited to start something new: a new aircraft, location and chapter in our lives.

On the day of getting out of a 20-day quarantine with covid, I had to move fast, book flights and arrange house movers.