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737SS MIP Screen Frames

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

Print Guide

Build Guide

The ultimate printer I can recommend is the Bamboo Labs X1 carbon with AMS if you have deep pockets. ($1200). It's a massive leap forward in 3D printing, with excellent quality and impressive speeds. Its pretty much press print and go as the software and hardware do the calibration before each print. This printer will not manage the larger parts and you are going to need the  CREALITY CR10 v3, which is my second choice of printer.

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These are specifically designed for the new 737SS and its 34" widescreen monitor. They are NOT compatible with the dual seat build. They have been oversized so that the single 34" monitor can be used to construct both the 737-800SS and the 737MAX. You need a 300 x 300mm print bed, as these print in a single go. (SPM version to follow)

General Information:

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Build Guide

Build Guide
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