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Cessna 172S Cockpit for MSFS2020

Hello everyone from a very stormy and wet Brunei. We only have 18 more days left in this glorious place before heading home to the UK. These last weeks have been so busy, and getting to the computer has been challenging. Work on our helicopters has ramped up, and then in my downtime, it's all about closing everything down here in Brunei and opening everything back up in the UK. I can tell you that we are so excited about moving back, and every day, my finger itches to push the buy it now on the many new items I want for the sim. Number 1 will be a big 80/100W laser cutter.

In the meantime, I have spent every spare moment perfecting the C172 sim because it's smaller, and I know it will fit in our UK house. The 737 will have a room dedicated to it, but at the moment, I have to figure out how to fit the overhead in, as the whole unit is higher than our ceiling.

On to the C172 sim build. I have created two versions currently for space-saving. As the name suggests, the short desktop version is designed to sit below the monitor on the desk. Then there is the free-standing version, which I hope to put castors on to make it fully mobile. Both versions are incredibly slim in design so that the monitor can push right to the back of the unit.

Please note that if you are thinking about this build, it has been adapted to the use of 3d printing. So the panels are slightly larger than usual. This enables the text to print well and clear. The overall size of the main instrument panel is 20cm smaller than the actual panel. I am trying to make a compact unit.