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European One Stop Shop (IOSS) is here!

Many Europeans have complained to me about the import, VAT, customs, and extra delivery charges of Delivery Duty Unpaid (DDU) on our goods. But now we finally have IOSS, a solution to this problem!

Last week, I received messages from people in Belgium who had to pay VAT, a customs fee of 25 euros, and a delivery charge on top of a £12 part they purchased.

This prompted me to consult with several IOSS third-party services, but only one provided a willing and helpful response. After a few long phone calls and a lot of paperwork, we are now registered with a company in the Netherlands that will handle our tax invoices and payments to the EU. Working out each country's shipping and VAT sales every month is my worst nightmare!

With IOSS, if you live in Europe, your country's VAT and shipping tax are automatically added to your bill at the checkout. This saves you from paying extra charges and makes the delivery process smoother. It's also cheaper for customers this way, and you shouldn't have to worry about customs checks, although some packages may still be subject to them.

This service applies not only to physical products but also to digital content. We have also applied for Non-Union OSS Scheme registration, which means that your country's VAT will be charged automatically, and we will submit it quarterly. This should keep both the UK and the EU happy.

Please note that for shipping physical products, the IOSS limit is £150. If your purchase exceeds this amount, the parcel must be sent via the old method, DDU, where you are liable for all charges on delivery. In such a case, it's best to split your basket into two shipments.

I hope this makes many of our overseas sim builders much happier! It certainly feels like a massive step forward for us.

Take care, and let me know if you have any thoughts!

Kind regards, Karl

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