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CYCLIC Hall Sensor Mod

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Hello everyone! I have been speaking of this mod for a while. The Cyclic Hall sensor mod is here, and now it utilises the same hall sensors as the collective. Initially, It was always designed to have hall sensors, but those who built this wanted pots because they are ten times cheaper. However, as the months have passed, so many of you have mentioned the pots keep failing.

I tried to revert the designs to the original, but too many alterations had been made to make the old designs work. This meant a complete redesign by deleting the Pots from the design, creating new interfaces and attaching hardware.

These new Hall sensor files can be downloaded here for free:

Download ZIP • 4.41MB

I have just finished the MOD myself and am happy to report it works great:

For this mod, you will require a further two Rotary Hall sensors which can be found here:

I was also asked to make the controls much harder to move. Stepping away from how they actually feel in the aircraft. People seem to think moving the helicopter controls takes a lot of force. This isn't true, but I bowed down and created a further modification. I swapped out the steppers for reduction-geared steepers. This means it now takes over 1KG of force to move the controls at the stick, and with force trim in, this rises to over 3kg:

I'm not going to release this mod to everyone just yet. If you want this, please send me a message. It feels way too heavy and not how a helicopter control should feel, more like an aircraft control stick under load. If many people ask for this mod, I will issue the mod to all.

Kind regards, Karl

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Awesome, I much prefer these sensors to pots, so am glad I am still trying to get the hand of this 3D printing business and so haven't got around to purchasing and making these controls yet.

Interesting that people are not liking the light force needed. Likely the majority have never flown a helicopter and so have nothing to equate it with. Flying a plane is much more like driving a car force wise on the controls I guess. Easy like driving a car too :D

From memory in the 300 and 500s (no hydraulics) in certain situations you might get a bit of extra resistance in the collective, but nothing significant in the cyclic that I recall really? The…


Mar 01, 2023

Hi Karl, agree with you on the cyclic, having poled a 206, 212 and my favourite 214B the cyclic is very light.

Collective you can up the friction to your liking but the cyclic is usually finger pressure.

Thanks for all your hard work. Paul.

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