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The New 737 Single Control Column

Greetings everyone! I wanted to update you on removing the 737 Single Control column from my website. It was brought to my attention that people had difficulty finding the necessary 82mm OD PVC pipe, which is only available in Brunei. As someone who lived there for 14 years, I can attest to how challenging it can be to obtain certain items. Out of fairness to my customers, I removed the design to prevent frustration or disappointment from those who couldn't find suitable materials.

However, I received numerous complaints from people who had been saving up for the design and were disappointed by its removal. As a result, I made it my top priority over the last two months to revise the design. With the help of my Patreons, I created a much simpler and more accessible unit based on a more common PVC pipe that can be found on Amazon UK with worldwide shipping. I should note that this link is more expensive than what can be found at a local hardware store, so it's only recommended for international customers who may have trouble finding the correct materials.

The updated design features two roll dampers to limit speed and increase feel on rapid movements, hall sensors in both pitch and roll and an adjustable tension tube for easy tension adjustment. To make the building process easier, I added drill guides to ensure proper hole location in the PVC pipe. The unit is fixed at an angle of 7 degrees and has the approximate Boeing 10 degrees forward and aft of the neutral point. All parts are designed to fit on a standard 220 x 220mm printer bed, but the unit must be attached to a baseboard for stability.

This unit is now more affordable and comes with all parts in a single download, unlike the previous design. The parts are arranged from the Base to the Yoke.

You will find temporary build videos in the parts and build guides until I have time to create a proper YouTube build video. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process. They can be found here if you would like to check out the Webshop purchase options.

The Parts & Build guide can also be found here.

EDIT: Hello everyone,

I have received numerous emails requesting the files for free. Although I recognize that some of you may have bought previous versions of the files, I want to clarify that this is an entirely new design that has taken many months of experimentation to create and not a revision. Moreover, I have made it available on the website at a significantly reduced price.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Ken Schamuhn
Ken Schamuhn
Nov 04, 2023

Hi, I am in Canada and we don't have 75mm pipe. We do have 3". What size/kind of pipe did you use?


I’ve made it using pla-cf rather like the feel. I’m only using one damper as I found having 2 gave a very heavy feel

please excuse the messy desk 😳


Oct 27, 2023

Hi Karl. I appreciate all your hard work in designing the 737 cockpit and re-designing the single-yoke assembly. I've purchased and printed the base and am working on the head. Regarding the Rotary Dampers. Could you source the equal RD through Amazon here in the US! Have searched, but not finding the your source in the EU. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work!!! LARRY-Oregon USA

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