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Boeing 737 Dual Control Column Pitch Lane

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

Print Guide

Build Guide

The ultimate printer I can recommend is the Bambu Labs X1 carbon with AMS or P1P if you have deep pockets. ($1200). It's a massive leap forward in 3D printing, with excellent quality and impressive speeds. It's pretty much press print and go as the software and hardware do the calibration before each print. 

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This unit was designed to be Primarily 3d printed, however, there are some hardware parts listed that you must obtain to achieve the final product. The Pitch lane incorporates a 12VDC, 50mm stroke actuator. This is used for force feel and autopilot. For the time being a solid rod can be used in place of the unit while we wait for Jim Farrer to complete writing the Arduino sketch to drive the unit. The amount of springs and tension used is down to your own individual needs. I have put Qty 2, 100LB spring on the operating tongues. This is way too much force and your arms will get too tired very quickly. I personally think one would be enough.
This product requires the purchase of the Roll channel to complete the unit.

This design requires a print size of 220mm x 220mm.

General Information:

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Build Guide

Build Guide
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