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737 Chrono/Clock Design Released

I am excited to share that I have worked diligently on the new 737 Chrono for the past few months. After conducting five months of research and development and creating several prototype PCBs, I am thrilled to announce that the 737 Chrono/Clock is now released!

I have made design changes and minor tweaks leading up to the release to ensure that the final product meets my high standards. I am pleased to report that the finished product is fantastic, and I am confident if you decide to build this, it will put a smile on your face too.

One of the benefits of this design is the use of a dedicated PCB, which eliminates the complex wiring of the seven segment boards. There is a 16-pin header that makes connecting to the Arduino simple.

Programming is mainly done through Mobiflight, and to supplement the comprehensive build guide, I have created a YouTube video to accompany it. The video is included in step one of the build guide for this product. For future 737 designs, I plan to have both written and video build guides.

All buttons are electrically connected and can be programmed. The 7-segment displays can be changed to any colour but must be common cathode and 0.36" in height.

The second-hand needle is powered by a 28BYJ-48 stepper motor with a homing switch. Once the needle is set and homed, it automatically calibrates when power is applied.

I have strived to keep the cost of the PCB and the precut 2mm clear lens as low as possible, and both can be purchased on the webshop.

This design was challenging but rewarding, and I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this journey, especially my patreons, who gave me some fantastic ideas!

The webshop design can be found here, and the build guide can be found here.

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