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We have put in a lot of work to create the almost perfect version of the 737 Chrono/Clock. Until last week, I was still fine-tuning the design to ensure it was ready for release. Our goal was to make the build process as easy as possible, so we made sure the design allowed for easy maintenance and accessibility to most parts that may need to be changed in the future. The PCB available here has also made the building process much more manageable. The clock has seven push buttons, digital displays, and an analogue needle, making it fully functional. The decal and faceplate can be backlit, which gives it a fantastic look in low-light conditions. Additionally, the builder can select the colour of the LED digits as the design uses standard 4-digit Common cathode 0.36" displays.


Want the CAD version? Click Here.

737 Clock/Chrono STL ONLY

    Pilot Spanner.jpg

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