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Credit and Debit Cards Now Accepted

Hello and a fantastic welcome from Cornwall!

Many people have had huge problems with Paypal since we changed our address to the UK. Mainly European countries, I still can not figure out why but a significant amount of transactions were being declined from the European Paypal to our UK PayPal.

We were hoping to set up a business account here in the UK. This has proved impossible due to our lack of time here in the UK. So many banks have turned us down that we finally gave up yesterday.

We will now wait for six months before trying again, as we have now read that this adversely affects your credit ratings the more you get refused.

I could understand the banks not wanting to take us on if we wanted to borrow money, but we just need somewhere to deposit it. We are not really up to speed on banking etiquette and the ins and outs of what is allowed.

While updating the website yesterday, Our website host, Wix. Offered us to take card payments for a small fee. This solution should help many people in Turkey and China. These two countries, I believe, do not have Paypal available from all the emails I get.

Now back onto the Sim side of life, filming and editing of the new place started this weekend. The C172 Fuel select panel was released:

Also our son, Josh managed to create the fire handle lens with transparent red acrylic and white wax.

And finally, the C172 ELT is now available:

The G1000 now fits the newly designed frame, I just need to add the backlighting Leds. More details will follow as the progress continues.

Wishing you all the best, Kind Regards, Karl.

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The last year UK banks have become paranoid about scammers. For example for one banking phone app we must setup:

A phone screen lock, pattern or pin

A 6 digit app pin

Face recognition

Voice ID

Also a web based bank text a 6 digit code to your phone EVERY time you login, which must be typed into the browser to continue.

All transactions are scanned automatically and some trigger the Natwest fraud team. They blocked a large cash transfer I made from the app and called me to forensically chat through the account details and they knew my entire app history. Natwest are very professional and although its a pain, they have to do the fraud checks to…


Jun 27, 2022

I am so happy to see this news. Although paypal payment is still not perfect, credit card payment can solve many problems.

I've started making some parts and I've redesigned the mechanics of the yoke and it looks solid.

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