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FMC v4 Preorder

Good Morning All,

With great enthusiasm, I present my latest design and creation, the FMC v4. After a decade of dedicated work, I have achieved remarkable realism and simplicity in its construction. I can confidently say that I have never been more satisfied with a design than with this one. The entire unit is centred around a custom-prebuilt PCB.

The PCB has an integrated Raspberry Pico that manages interfacing and Mobiflight functions. It necessitates only six soldered connections: four wires for the USB data cable and two for the 12V backlighting. Additionally, the PCB features premium Alps buttons known for their exceptional quality and tactile feedback, each accompanied by a dedicated LED. This design enables stunning backlighting effects that enhance visibility both day and night.

Please note: The LCD does not come with the PCB and requires an additional purchase.

These PCBs can now be Pre-ordered in the webshop here. They are already on their way from JLCPCB; however, this run is limited to 100 units.

While we acknowledge that these boards may appear costly to the average simulation builder, it is essential to note that they come equipped with all the necessary components, such as switches, LEDs, shift registers, and Arduino/Pico in an SMD package.

To offer a cost-effective solution, we have made all STL and CAD files easily accessible through the build guide at no extra charge.

The Assembly of this aesthetically pleasing unit has been simplified. Insert the keys into the faceplate, attach the PCB to the faceplates, download your preferred configuration file, and you are ready to go. Currently, only Prosim configuration is supported, but we are optimistic that the simulation community will contribute configurations for PMDG and XP in the future.

Kind regards, Karl & Helen.

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How's the video connection? Via USB, or does it need a separate VGA / HDMI connection for the display?


Probably a misleading comment.

If the hardware is controlled by Mobiflight, any sim that Mobiflight supports (MSFS2020, XP) could be used.


Carl, You had me for two in my cart until I read PROsim was needed.. Lol

Replying to

I thought that too, but then in the main description it says it is controlled by mobiflight. Can we have clarity on this please Karl? I’ve placed an order but if mobiflight alone won’t work it I might have to reconsider. Prosim is too expensive for the amateur like me!

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