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Introducing the FMC v4, the result of 10 years of research and development. This design is Karl's favourite, and it has proven to be one of the easiest builds so far. The unit boasts a visually stunning appearance and features high-quality Alps buttons, each equipped with a dedicated LED. This not only gives the unit a professional feel but also provides dazzling backlighting that looks fantastic both day and night. The PCB has been meticulously crafted to eliminate potential builder errors, providing a complete premade unit that easily attaches to your 3D parts. Additionally, all the switches, buttons, and components come pre-soldered, and the onboard Raspberry Pico manages all interfacing, with control handled by Mobiflight.


To complete the build, only six wires need to be soldered to the unit, four of which are for the USB cable and two for 12V backlighting. The assembly process simply involves inserting the buttons into the faceplate and securing the faceplates to the PCB. Further details can be found in the build guide.


Please note that two additional purchases are currently required: a USB cable and a 5" LCD screen. The build guide provides more information.


Configuration files will be provided for most applications to simplify programming. As of 08/07/2024, a dedicated prosim config has been created. Additional configs for various sim builders will be added in the future. We aim to create a downloadable config file for Prosim (complete), PMDG737, and XP12.


We acknowledge that the PCB may seem expensive, but this is due to the inclusion of all the onboard components, including the Arduino/Pico. The use of high-quality Alps buttons ensures a great tactile feel and reliability. Additionally, all the STL and CAD files are available for free to minimize the remaining build cost, and they can be found in the build guide.


 The Unit measures 228mm x 150mm

Please Note: We currently do not sell this product as a finished unit. 




737 FMC v4

PriceFrom £49.99
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