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Physical Products are now available!

This ability to produce and ship parts has never been possible before and has always had a very high request rate. We are now able to offer actual products to buy and ship.

We have started small with the Boeing 737 Fire Warning and Master Caution Annunciators. These seem pretty hard to get hold of in the various colours.

This first project has been a bit of a team effort this week. Josh has learned how to use the laser machine, wax infill, and clean and Lacqear each unit.

We have started with 70 units of each colour to see how complicated this will be before we rush out and add more products.

This first release will allow us to test the shipping, label printing and the IT system attached. Wix (the website host) struggles with the amount of data we have on this site.

The above picture shows the annunciators in their 3d printed housing and illuminated.

These annunciators can be found on the new webshop:

As shown above, I will be issuing a free design mod to adapt my previous 3D print Warning pack files to allow correct fitment.

I would also like to thank my daughter Chloe who designed the Thank you cards:

Take Care, Sim out!

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