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Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant v3 Trim Mod

This page is split into three main sections:

Parts Guide

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Our 3D Printer of choice right now is the CREALITY CR10 v3

Great print & build quality for the price, Silent and Has a bigger Print bed of 300 x300mm. Karl personally recommends it for his sim build.

Karl's Second cheaper choice is the CREALITY ENDER 3 v2. Smaller printer bed of 220 x220mm. But performs excellently and has a purchase price of around $200.

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This Modification (MOD) was so highly requested, I had to take a day away from the dual control build and get it sorted. This Mod enables the trim of the aircraft to be controlled manually by the trim wheel instead of using the trim switches on the control column Yoke. This MOD also gives your unit better aesthetics.

These trim wheels are normally electrically driven by a motor. (Not designed for motor use yet, It’s coming in the new year!)

The trim wheels can be used by any of the following components:

1) 10KOhm Pot (270 Degrees of rotation)
2) 10KOhm – 10 turn Pot (10 rotations)
3) Encoder (Endless rotations)

I highly recommend that you only electronically connect the Left trim wheel for trim control. Connecting both electrically for manual trim will confuse the system/program.
These trim wheels have designed to be fairly balanced as they are not connected together. Therefore, there is a large mass opposite the handle on each wheel. In the real aircraft they are 180 apart to balance each other out.
This MOD will require you to reprint both the RH & LH End CAPS.

This design requires a print size of 220mm x 220mm.


General Information:

Parts Guide:

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You are going to need the following items to complete this build:

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Print Guide

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Build Guide

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