Here you will find my design as seen on my website and YouTube channel for the Boeing 737  Throttle Quadrant. This version DOES NOT require a Saitek unit and is growing in popularity and becoming my number one download. This unit is designed to be much stronger, simpler and better than previous versions!

The throttle quadrant can be interfaced with the much cheaper Arduino Micro Pro/Leonardo board which is around 3-4 Euros. But if you want a much simpler and hassle-free interfacing board, look at the Leo Bodnar Board costing 25 Euros. This took several months to perfect and you can see the final result in my Youtube video and has now also been greatly added and modified to make it even better.


The unit features:

  • Operational Speed Brake Lever
  • Dual independent Thrust Levers
  • Dual independent Thrust reverser levers utilising potentiometers
  • Flap lever with gated guards
  • Bell cut out switch
  • A/T Disenagage switches
  • TOGO switches
  • Operational detente Brake lever
  • Working Park Brake Light
  • Operational Fuel Cutoff Levers
  • Operational Stab Switches x 2
  • Friction Brakes on the main levers
  • Manual operated trim Wheels (One active-One dummy recommended)
  • Working Trim Wheel Handles


Parts List for electrical and mechanical components included. Based currently on a Leobodnar Joystick (25 Euros) OR an Arduino micro pro/Leoarndo card (4 Euros). The Arduino board will require MMJOY2 software to be converted to direct joystick cards.


This CAD design can be adapted to suit your sim needs. The design can be improved or be inspected within fusion. The fusion file can be found in the attached documents PDF file.


This file includes the wiring Diagram, all STL files in WinZip format, a documented parts list, Cover Plate Mod, Spd Brk Mod and Trim wheel mods.



If your intention is to purchase, print and sell this product. That is acceptable and congrats on providing a service to the sim community, but you must mention that the design is from


The trim Wheel Mod files can be found here:

3d Printed 737 Throttle V3.1


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