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Collective Throttle Released

Hello and Happy New Year!

I am currently swamped creating the 737SS (Single seat version), and I have had a few hiccups with my equipment due to the cold weather. Hopefully, all is good now.

I had forgotten about this design as life has been so busy. After Bernard contacted me asking if I would ever release it after seeing it at the expo.

The collective throttle is a twist grip based on the Bell 212. The twist grip has a rotation of 180 degrees which is picked up by the hall sensor. If a single unit is used, it would be more similar to the 205. However, two units can be created and placed back to back for twin-engined aircraft.

The design can be found here:

I hope to film the build guide for the collective and cyclic, as all the parts are now printed and awaiting assembly.

I am trying to achieve a lot his year with the sim, and let's see what's in store. All the best from us here in Cornwall. Kind regards, Karl & Helen.

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