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FSC 737 Motorised Throttle Teardown Video

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted a public video on YouTube. Most of my videos have been for Patreon over the last three months while I prototype the 737SS.

Creating this video was so much fun, mainly because it involved dismantling a genuine FSC 737 motorized throttle unit that cost over 5300 Euros.

The unit is from a commercial sim centre in the UK and has been abused by the general public. Various parts are broken or non-functioning, and we all know how much force someone can apply to an inanimate object in high stress and panic. The flaps lever looks like it's been operated like a car gear stick, which is pretty impressive considering how strong these parts are.

The FSC unit is exceptionally well-built and is a bit of brilliant engineering! Let's just hope that in the next video, I can repair all and get it back together! If you fancy seeing how the pros pack so much into a small area, check out the video!

Kind Regards, Karl

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2 commentaires

Ede Banatzke
Ede Banatzke
07 déc. 2023

Absolutely awesome video, there are some very good things to remember for the next MTQ.

Above all, get away from stepper motors, they sound like a machine gun when they're working, especially when you overdrive them. DC motors are the solution, the problem is the clutch if you don't want to adjust it every now and then.

When are you going to take the CFY apart in the same way?

I'm curious, we can only learn.

greetings Piki


hernan valdes
hernan valdes
12 oct. 2023

Hello from Buenos Aires Argentina, excellent video, what a good operating system, although it has nothing to envy of your morized accelerator console, congratulations

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