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FSC 737 Motorised Throttle Teardown Video

Hello everyone! It has been a while since I last posted a public video on YouTube. Most of my videos have been for Patreon over the last three months while I prototype the 737SS.

Creating this video was so much fun, mainly because it involved dismantling a genuine FSC 737 motorized throttle unit that cost over 5300 Euros.

The unit is from a commercial sim centre in the UK and has been abused by the general public. Various parts are broken or non-functioning, and we all know how much force someone can apply to an inanimate object in high stress and panic. The flaps lever looks like it's been operated like a car gear stick, which is pretty impressive considering how strong these parts are.

The FSC unit is exceptionally well-built and is a bit of brilliant engineering! Let's just hope that in the next video, I can repair all and get it back together! If you fancy seeing how the pros pack so much into a small area, check out the video!

Kind Regards, Karl

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