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Wires & Cables

I've been wanting to create a video about my experience with buying aircraft wire since I returned from FSweekend. I had run out of my personal stash, so I decided to buy some online. Unfortunately, the price of the wire was out of my budget, but I still went ahead and bought around 15 different rolls that were suggested by each vendor as an alternative.

I discovered some great alternatives and some not-so-great ones. I was a little upset when I realized that after the video I had 2500 meters of cable that I had bought might not be suitable for soldering, but I soon realized that it could still be used for crimping and RS45 jacks. This means that I can use all the cables in the cockpit without wasting any.

If you're interested, I've provided details and specs of the cables, tools, and heat-shrink labeller on this webpage.

If you have any suggestions of cable you think should be included, let me know, and I will purchase a sample roll to add to the list.

Kind regards, Karl

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Hello Karl,

Do you intend to sell some of the cables?




The wire guide was very helpful and perfectly timed! Thanks for the info!

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