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GMA-1347 Audio Panel v2

Version 2 is here and is a massive step up in aesthetics!

This design features both 3d printing and laser etched panels. Both the buttons and faceplate are laser etched for perfect text and excellent backlighting capability.

The design is super simple and only has six printed parts.

This is the first actual design on the webshop where all the parts (less hardware) can be purchased to help those who may struggle with particular items. If you struggle to get those awkward LED tactile switches to fit, we have resin-printed button cases available for purchase.

The Laser etched faceplates are ready to go if you do not have a laser at home. This time the DXF files for laser cutting and etching are included in both digital files.

The webshop link for digital files is here:

The webshop link for physical products is here:

The build guide and component requirements can be found here:

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