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Limited Run upgraded FMC buttons

Greetings Sim Builders! Discord has proved to be an invaluable tool for gathering feedback on my designs and those of others. It allows me to gain insights into people's preferences and thoughts.

Recently, the Discord admins requested that I create an FMC button lens that would look better when placed into the button caps. I had previously avoided making this item, as it was originally a collaboration with Sam from Cocksimparts. Sam has been producing these FMC button lenses for several years now, and I hope he will continue to do so.

This design consists of a limited run of approximately 33 sets of button lenses specially designed to enhance the aesthetics of the FMC build. I have decided to increase the price of my buttons compared to those available at CSP for two reasons. Firstly, I want to ensure that Sam's button lenses remain this design's primary point of sale. Secondly, creating these new button lenses is tremendously challenging and time-consuming, taking several days and preventing me from working on other projects in my shed.

What are the differences between these button lenses and CSP? Some users have experienced light bleeding around the edges when inserting the button lenses into the caps, which causes the joint between the lens and cap to be visible when illuminated.

To prevent any issues, I apply the same process used for the laser-created insert parts. I tilt the laser by 2 degrees from the vertical, resulting in a wedge-shaped part that fits snugly into its matching receptacle. Additionally, I ensure that the button caps are painted on all six sides, instead of just the top, to minimize light bleeding.

In these photos, you can see three types of illuminated buttons that appear to be a single solid piece. I've gained knowledge on enhancing these designs to optimize the advantages of both 3D printed components and top-notch laser decals through my year-long experience with my own laser.

If you are interested in getting your hands on these limited production upgraded buttons, kindly visit the webshop here.

Best Wishes Karl

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